Spirit of Ndanifor

Ancient African Wisdom for the Modern World

Photo above: EcoVillage Design course 2106, Bafut, Ambazonia, Cameroon.

Economy of Love

Spirit of Ndanfor offers an initiatory process to carry communities into the collective consciousness of ‘we’, to bring greater harmony and a sense of belonging. For more information please see the Autumn 2020 issue of Permaculture Magazine.

The Spiritual Forest

Spirit of Ndanifor takes permaculture zone 5 to another level, awakening the spiritual connection that the wilderness offers between humans and the more-than-human world.

Photo right: Bafut EcoVillage, Ambazonia, Cameroon

Like many wisdom traditions across the world, Ancient African Wisdom is dying out. The Spirit of Ndanifor was born of the work of Joshua Konkankoh who grew experiencing the ancient traditions of his peoples of Bafut in Ambazonia, Cameroon. He is the vision and wisdom carrier for the next generation. He is currently exiled in Portugal where he is exploring the possibility of bringing this wisdom into Europe.

Joshua Konkankoh many years ago started the NGO Better-World Cameroon, if you follow the link you will find the legacy of this organisations work. Now he and his team are looking to how they might do their work here in Europe because their homeland is beset with civil war and they find themselves exiled in Portugal.

If you live in a community or are considering starting a community Joshua and his team can help you established a heart connection with each other and with the land.

Photo above: Joshua Konkankoh in Portugal